About us

Work hard, cheat harder: that's how we live our life. Just thinking about those cheat meals makes our mouth water! They are the reason we look forward to the weekend: friday night, the delivery guy rings the doorbell. Heaven on earth, right?

We consider desserts cheat meals as well btw, we accept everyone. We eat enough of it to constitute as a meal. 

We believe that cheat meals are neccesary to keep a healthy diet the rest of the week. It's all about the balance. 

Still wanna know more about us? :)

We are an online store that works with a supplier based in the USA and Europe.

We started this minimalist clothing line because we couldn't find simple dope shirts to represent our favorite cheat meals.

Join us. Rock your hard earned cheat meal in style.

Mirko & Alsira,

Co-founders of Cottondish

P.S. Cheese is the real MVP